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Part number lookup help

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Hello and thank you, 

Trying to buy     (group 6.750 part no. 50839)

Its a steering column bracket, I think it might only fit a model 26-28

Just wondering if it fits a model 25 also?


any help would be greatly help

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Pont 46... I am looking at a 1953 Master Parts Catalog in the group # given(6.750). The listing in the catalog covers 1939 to 1953. There is no part number that matches what you provided. Are you missing a 0 which would be 508039? That lists the steering column bracket as 1942 thru 48 model 26 all. No mention of model 25


Hope this helps... Dave

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Thank you so much for looking at that part, you are correct about missing number on part. 


I was afraid of that part not fitting my car. Oh well, will keep looking, thanks again.

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