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Studebaker help appreciated

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A family member is looking for a bullet nosed 1950-1951 Studebaker. I'm a GM guy and don't know what a reasonable price is for a good driver. So far we've looked at 3 or 4 and they turned out to be junk. As we were looking for a bullet nose I stumbled across a barn fresh 1939 coupe express truck. The body was in amazing condition with next to no rust. There was a 2 inch square soft spot in the passenger side cab corner, the transmission cover edge was a bit lacey, and the sidemount well had a 50 cent piece soft spot. All for fenders were dented but not even pitted on the inside. The rear end and front suspension had been competently rebuilt by a mechanic, and the engine plus transmission were supposedly rebuilt but out of the truck. The grill and center nose stainless had seen better days. All I know is that it's a rare and desirable rig. Any suggestions about determining price rangs would be greatly appreciated.



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Huge price difference between a '37-'39 Coupe Express over a '50-'51!


With the exception of a convertible, expect to pay the same price (or more) for a project Coupe Express, vs. a restored '50-'51.  There is no shortage of Bulletnose Studebakers around, considering 1950 was Studebaker's highest production year, ever.



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studebakerdrivers club.com    👍


My 1950 Commander came out of Washington 14 years ago. I would have recommended you get in touch with him, but sadly he passed away a few years ago. Western cars have waaay less rust than our local Studebakers. 


Several SDC chapters up in the Northwest.


Allen Barth was his name and look, the website is still active! Maybe they still speak Studebaker, maybe not. They have a car show on May 18th in Allen's honor.



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I guess I need to respond. I've been around Studebakers all my life, 80yo this month, and I live in the foothills east of Seattle. When you say that you are interested in a 1950-51 Studebaker, the question leads to a huge number of questions. The two years may look similar but, there are a great many differences year to year and model to model. For brevity sake I'm going to assume that it makes little difference mechanically whether it's a Champion or a Commander as long as it is a serviceable driver. That leaves body style-4dr, 2dr sedan, 2dr Starlight Coupe, Business Coupe, Landcruiser and convertible. Before anyone can help you we have to know what body style(s) you will accept. We also need to know your price range and how far you might be willing to travel to get the right car. 


As for the Coupe Express, depending on condition and price you may have hit the jackpot. The rest of the car world is awakening to the same wiles to which you fell pray. They are simply great looking automotive masterpieces, that appeal to both stocker and customizers. While the 1937 gets most of the love the 1938 and 1939 are not that far behind. The supply is quite limited so proceed accordingly. I may even know the truck you just found, but haven't seen it in years. Values are all over the place, but IMO, depending on condition, and the quality of work that was done to it, <$20-25K would seem to be a bargain.


You should scroll to Studebaker section of this form and pose the same questions. You should also think about joining the "Studebaker Drivers' Club" and the "Antique Studebaker Club." You should be able to get your questions answered through the forum, and you should be able to find the car you are looking for. Good luck!


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