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A Nice Lincoln That Sold at the 2023 Quail Auction


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This Model "L" 1922 Lincoln sold last August through the Bonhams event in California. There's a small chance it's the one my family owned from 1921 to 1972.

The last decade the one pictured was with Don & Lynette Short. The one my family had was bought new by my Aunt, then Glenn D. Brown had it until the 70s, then it was flipped by someone who sold it to the Ed Towe-founded Montana Auto Museum in Deer Lodge Montana. About 20 years later, Ed's car collections in Deer Lodge and Sacramento were auctioned, and I lost track of where my grandfather's seven-passenger sedan wound up.


It sold last summer for $21,280. 1922 Lincoln Model L Seven Passenger Sedan  Chassis no. 5503 Engine no. 27771 image 2

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