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Historical information on specific Packards

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I have a Packard 8, convertible , 1936.

Id like to find as much information as possible of its ownership history. The car was brought back to America having been years, maybe decades in Europe, Monaco , Monte Carlo.

Its serial # 141 h 919 227

Delivered to: DENELT MOTORS of BURLINGAME , California. Built : 10-31-36.

Its beautiful. I have had it for the las 15 years , bought from the famed Belgian race car driver , last owner in Europe.



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Frank, The Packard Club Roster Keepers VP is Joe Hopkins. His contact info: jnkhop22@gmail.com


contact him and he can direct you to the roster keeper specific for a 1936 Packard 8 convertible. I would also recommend joining The Packard Club and AACA if you have not already done so.
Good luck!

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