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FS Marmon 8 cyl inline flathead engine Bellingham WA craigslist NOT MINE

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From a 1928 Marmon model 68 4dr sedan. A friend found the car years ago,pulled out the engine/Trans and used the rest for yard art! I acquired the engine which he had mounted on a sturdy steel skid to possibly get running for a fun swap meet display never happened. Very complete, good shape,turns freely, no stuck valves. Total weight around 750lbs. I'm losing storage soon and will be forced to part out and scrap remains if no takers. Asking only $200 to cover my handling. Marmon built (not Continental) 211 cu.in. l head in line 8 used in 28-31 model 68,69,70 and Roosevelt. Engine # U2843X indicates 1931.




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