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Watch out for the idiots...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Reminds me of a, not too pleasant, memory from a time in the 1960’s while I was stationed in Germany.

My rotation date back to the states was near, and the time for me to take my personal car to Bremerhaven for shipment was upon me.

So, as was done, I made contact with another female dependent who needed a ride to Bremerhaven to pick up their family car which was arriving in country.

Drop off of my car, and pick up of hers went flawlessly, and in no time we were back on the Autobahn heading home toward Schweinfurt.

The autobahn had no posted speed limit, and cruising at 90 miles per hour was a pretty usual thing if you didn’t want to get some single finger greeting as a slow poke.

So, I can only suppose we were doing at least 90 MPH when the car, I think was a Mercedes, blasted past us as if we were standing still.

Nothing seemed out of place until the car was nearly out of sight, and was little more than a dot, about the size of a kids toy block, on our wind shield.

And then, as the car topped a rise in the highway, it became immediately apparent by the light between the bottom of the car and the black of the pavement, that the car was now airborne.

As the car topped the hill, and we had just began our ascent, the car disappeared from sight, and was presumed gone.

But, as we crested the hill the car could be seen again, but this time it was rolling end for end, and reducing itself to shards of glass and metal as it tore itself apart as it careened down the Highway.

Bodies could be seen as they were thrown from the disintegrating car, and I was truly shocked at the sight.

That shock was 99 on a shock scale of 0 to 100, but it immediately went to 100 when I looked at the woman driving our car, and saw that she had released the steering wheel, and was now covering her eyes with her hands.

I would estimate our speed to be well over 100 MPH, and we were now driving through the debris field, and shredded bodies, which had been a car and its occupants only minutes before.

My impulse to grab the wheel was suppressed, and, out of sheer luck, she returned her hands to the wheel and regained control of the car after just a shout.

But then, she began crying and as our car slowed, kept repeating that we had to help “them”.

Sadly, German law dictates that if you are in attendance at an accident victims death, you become legally responsible for disposition of that person remains and may be held fiscally responsible for their death.

Thankfully, she came to her senses and we proceeded on to Schweinfurt without further comment or incident.




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