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where to buy red grospoint carpet

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1 hour ago, Peter Gariepy said:

simply a Google search result.  Did you check out each vendor?

I contacted 7 different vendors , they all seem to get it from  acc and they have it but will no longer sell yardage , they say supply chain issues and they want to save what they have for their kits . They do not  offer a kit for a 1953 eldorado so I asked if i could just pay the price of any of their kits and they could just send me the yardage they would use without cutting it seems like it would be less work for them  but they would not do that .

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11 hours ago, playswithbrass said:

Where else have you looked? It is on the well known auction site but only you know exactly what you want 

Looked on ebay , lots of grospoint mats etc for sale but not yardage . 

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Good Luck. I have been looking for silver shag for my car for years now. No one makes it and no one has it. Everyone I contact directs me to ACC. I suppose they are the only ones supplying auto carpets.

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