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WTB Hayse wire wheel hubcap

1912 Caddy

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I need a hubcap for the right side (left hand thread ) for 66 spoke 25 inch wire wheel.

This is on a 1920 Dodge 4 door sedan but will fit from many other makes, I do not care about the logo on the cap if any.

Call me at 509 72one 0752 or email @ gravelguy@centurytel.net




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Hayes wire wheels were used on the early Hupmobile series R. Perhaps contact the Hupp club?


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On 2/5/2024 at 7:31 PM, 1912 Caddy said:

Just a line to let everyone know that the threads on my hub are 10 threads per inch.

Can you please measure the outside of the threads on the axle to tell us what you come up with?


I have some caps that I'll look at to see if they work once I get that OD.

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