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[NOT MINE] Claimed to be 1931 Stutz DV2, 5 Passenger & 1929 Parts Car($18,000.00) Chesterton, IN.

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Unless I am mistaken - doesn't appear to be much Stutz there.....


Note the seller is offering two cars - the 1931 and a 1929 parts car.


Facebook Marketplace: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/733064305627569/


Seller's description:


1931 Stutz dv32 5 passenger $18,000

1931 stutz and 1929 stutz for parts car. 2 cars for one price, $18k. The 31 runs, the one on trailer. Message for more information. Great project!







The 1929 parts car.



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  • Terry Harper changed the title to [NOT MINE] Claimed to be 1931 Stutz DV2, 5 Passenger & 1929 Parts Car($18,000.00) Chesterton, IN.

Well, the internet (google search) is now convinced that these sedans are by Stutz. (Do a Stutz DV32 search).

I guess that you could label any picture with any title you wanted and have it etched in stone on the net.

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I am not certain. They could be among the last of the Willys Whippet automobiles? I am familiar with the earlier ones, but not the 1930 or later so much. But they both look close to the late Whippet automobiles. How could ANYONE mistake a Whippet for a Stutz of any year is beyond me! Maybe all they looked at was the bumpers? Maybe their peanut size brain said "I think I saw that bumper on a Stutz one time?" Those bumpers are clearly not original to the cars.

I zoomed in as close as the definition would allow, couldn't read the radiator badge. But it has the shape, colors, and style of the 1929 to 1931ish Whippets. And I have seen a few of the late Whippets over the years. The firewall looks right.


Additional thought.

The better sedan MIGHT be worth $5000 as a non-running car. The falling-apart sedan maybe $2000 as a parts car (as if anyone wants a parts car for one these?).

I have known a few people over the years that had Whippets, even a few of the later ones. They like the cars! I knew an Overland collector years ago that had three or four whippets. One of his favorite tour cars was a 1929 Whippet roadster! He loved that car as much as any of the several restored Overlands that he had!

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