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Under $10k. 1974 AMC MATADOR - $7,500 (TOLEDO)

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75375 actual miles with a 4.2 liter straight 6 engine. Definitely would make a fun project for someone. Runs and drives very well. Brakes are a little soft, crack in the windshield, but overall the floors and trunk are all solid. Frame is in good condition as well. This car my father purchased and had plans for it and never even started them. Lol. So considering all the other cars he has purchased. He no longer needs this one. Cash only sale. $7500.    (419) 389-5522











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Sometimes AMC had some good styling, I can’t say I find this car to be in that group.  I remember seeing them when new and thinking it appeared to be an exercise in stretching metal to its limits at the rear of the car.

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This seems like a pretty decent car for the price. Sure it has its issues but it also does not have a stupid high asking price. Looks like a bargain to get into the old car game. As for styling, I humbly apologize in advance to any current owners, but I thought then and now that this was just about one of the ugliest cars made! In fact AMC in general seemed to corner the market on homeliness. But, even though she may not be the prettiest girl at the dance doesnt mean she cant have a little fun.

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