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Please help ID this large pair of jeweled electric cowl lights


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I found this cool old pair of cowl lamps some time ago. It's always nice to find a pair, of course. And this pair still has both lenses, rims, reflectors, and rear jewels in place. I bought them planning to hang them in my den, along with radiator badges, brass horns, cast iron car toys, etc. But it occurred to me that someone might have the car, and really really need these. I have no idea what vehicle they may have been from. The large size (see tape measure in photos) makes me think of a big car. I am guessing from the late teens through the twenties. Does anyone recognize them at all? 


Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Cowl Lights unknwn LO REZ 1.JPG

Cowl Lights unknwn LO REZ 2.JPG

Cowl Lights unknwn LO REZ 3.JPG

Cowl Lights unknwn LO REZ 4.JPG

Cowl Lights unknwn LO REZ 5.JPG

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