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My new charger. (Nope, not the car.)

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First, sorry for the pix size. I can't figure out how to down size them.........

For some reason I have a fetish for vintage battery chargers. I've repaired, refurbished, restored 5 of them now. Below is my latest. I found it on FB market place for $50 and though 6 volt only It was love at first sight.

It's a Speed Way Charger and was built on December 3, 1943 by the Franklin Transformer Co.

The company, over the years, branched into freezers and was bought and sold by  Studebaker, White industries (trucks), General Motors (Frigidare), and finally by Electrolux who still own it making freezers.

The charger has a big 26 plate copper oxide rectifier and huge multi-tap transformer rated for 80 amps @ 6 volts. It actually did not take too much to bring it back to full function. I had to make new castor wheels, front trim pieces, repair the clock work timer and clean the tap selector contacts. Every thing else worked including the meter and the old rectifier stack. AMAZING!

The charger was built back when things were built for quality and to last. The battery clamps are solid bronze, all the electrical connections inside are hand soldered, the meter is obviously top grade and is accurate and smooth, the unit weights about 200 pounds.

So, although it likely won't ever be used, it is again fully functional, and gives me pleasure both in just admiring it and knowing I saved it from the scrap pile.............Bob




b c.jpg

bc 1.jpg

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