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Hydraulic braking system on a 1926 studebaker

Graham P

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Hi I have a 1926 studebaker phaetom and I’m having issues with the brakes. 
the pedal will not return all the way back up.

when you are driving down the rd and apply the brakes and then release them the brakes will hang on basically until you come to a complete stop. 
according to the pressure gauge it is producing 70psi which it should. The pedal isn’t binding on anything. It appears the piston in the hydraulic pump on the back of the gearbox isn’t fully returning to the position it should. Any ideas please. 

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Hello GrahamP! I am about to start the restoration of the brake piston gear box system for my 1926 Studebaker big six, so your experience solving this issue will be helpful for sure!

I have found some threads may be useful for you now. 
I have bought the brakes manual from studeq, very good source of information.

Please post here your findings on this issue!




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A person from Canada called me last week with a 1925 Studebaker transmission for sale.  These have a hydraulic pump mounted on the rear of the transmission that the brake rods go to. 

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