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Delco-Remy shorty horn. Year and application?


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I'm trying to figure out what years and applications this horn would be for. No luck searching patents or the net... I'm guessing 30's 40's or 50's, most likely 6v. Only numbers are an ink stamp (876) under the cover and the Delco Remy logo. Tried to find the years that logo was in use but no luck there either,,, Unfortunately no pic of the whole horn but it has a very short snout.









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Delco Remy horns are usually marked or stamped with last 3 digits of the D-R horn part number.

D-R used format of "1999nnn" p/n for horns during 40-60's. 

That gives p/n "1999876" a good possibilty for your horn, is id'd in the attached from a 1955 D-R catalog.


1949 Jeep Deliverall.jpg

1949-50 White.jpg

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