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Mysterious Remy distributor

Peter R.

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Hi Peter

That's a tough one.

After an hour search I've exhausted all of my sources (about two feet thick worth of material) with zero matches, one of which was a Delco Remy and North East that is about a foot thick and covered 1920-1932 all inclusive. I thought for sure I'd see some indication in there. 

Guessing it predates 1920 based on my search for what it's worth.


I probably could have done a quick search to see when it became Delco-Remy and saved myself some time, but I thought there might have been a reference to it. .. Oh well, I love the research 





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FYI, Delco and Remy merged in September of 1926. I just googled it. I remembered it was right about 1927 as my 1927 Paige 6-45 sedan has all Remy badged electrical parts. I had discovered many years ago that the merger was just before the car was built, making it one of the last (million or so cars?) to be so badged. I have a couple spare distributors I found many years ago for my Paige that look identical to its original distributor, except the spares are badged "Delco-Remy".

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Thank you Wayne, that is a good point. Delco and Remy were separate and a short time after there merger they began to badge products as Delco-Remy. This can cause some confusion while trying to search for parts because most parts websites will simply list the replacements parts as fitting a Delco product even though the original product may bare a Remy identification plate.

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