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[NOT MINE] 1968 Trident Clipper, Barnstable, MA., $25,000.00

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A big project but you do not see one of these every day! In fact I think this is the only time I have seen one advertised on this side of the pond in my lifetime. For those not in the know. The Trident started off as a prototype for TVR styled by Trevor Fiore and in a convoluted fashion ended up being put into production as its own make (1966-74)by Bill Last. 


I remember clearly being introduced to TVR's, Tridents etc. via the collection of "The World of Automobiles, an Illustrated Encyclopedia of Motorcars" in our school library which drew me like a moth to a flame. Never forgot the Trident.





Seller's Description

Very rare and well documented car, look it up Trident Clipper V8, one of 128 built, one of 29 V8 cars, one of 2 left hand drive cars, the other is in Texas restored, sold 10 years ago for around 90k, car was air shipped to California back in 1968, by the original owner, brought back to Massachusetts in 1975 dismantled for restoration that was never finished. I bought it 4 years ago and started the process, bodywork is done and in final primer, has a 302 in it and the original T10 4 speed transmission, original 15x7 wire wheels, I have all the parts and clear Mass title. A pile of documentation also. Can be seen at Hyannis Vintage Auto, 100 Thornton Dr, Hyannis.
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