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1931 Buick 96S fuel system


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Finally got my 1931 Buick’s fuel system back together. Thanks to Jeff Dreibus, The Old Catb Doctor for his efforts in refurbishing the Marvel carburetor. He corrected several issues and replaced a broken air valve. The finished carburetor looks terrific. Tom Hannaford at Then and Now was able to build a fuel pump for me after UPS lost the original.  Again, looks great! I replaced the fuel line back to the tank, added a fuel filter and wrapped the lines with DEI heat shield. The old girl fired up on the first attempt. When the weather gets better, I’ll road test it, but it sounds much better than before.



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11 hours ago, Steves Buick said:

Looks great, do you have a contact email or # for Jeff? I have a few spare fuel pumps if you need one..


Thank you, Jeff’s number is1-828-659-1428 , The Old Carb Doctor. Tom at Then and Now is 1-718-335-8860. I would be very interested in one of your pumps so that I can have a spare. Let me know how much you want and shipping to 08332. Thanks. 

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