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1938 Buick Series 40- Loose Propshaft to Pinion Gear


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My 1938 Buick Series 40 propshaft to pinion gear splines are loose.  Buick had a Dealer Service bulletin addressing this condition that was issued in 1938. The correction was covered on

BPS 2.026, page 464.  The reprint Dealer Service Bulletins do not have the page 464 and best as I can tell 465 either.

If anyone has an original set of dealer service bulletins with these pages addressing my propshaft concern or a quality repair procedure to repair the looseness I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you!

Mike Frerichs 916-842-7396 call or text

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The AACA Library found the information in the 1939 Buick Dealer Service Bulletins.  In 1938 Buick recommended welding the propshaft and pinion gears together.  

Buick later rescinded that repair due to loss of heat treatment of the pinion gear causing breakage.  Buick recommended adding approximately 1/2 pint gear oil into the hollow propshaft thereby lubing the pinion and propshaft splines to prevent excessive wear.

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 LOL!   So much for the oft quoted " the engineers knew what they were doing" I guess.

 By 1950, the two were so close fit it is a CHORE to separate them.  THEN they are pinned. I liked to have never got mine apart when I changed gears for a better ratio.  then I had to put them back together!



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