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1950 Buick super Riviera 12v flasher needed


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My '50 Super Riviera had a 12v conversion done- but only part way. I've replaced all the bulbs but the turn signal still didn't work. Tried two different 12v flashers but no luck. 
does anyone have any ideas or advice for me? 

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A 6 volt flasher WAS three ( 3 ) prong…. for 99 % of Six (6) Volt Cars….


the extremely common 12 volt flasher is 2 prong…..for 99.9 % of 12 Volt Cars….


I have the three (3) prong 12 volt Flasher that was very rare in its day … but has bailed out more than a few in this exact same scenario….


Always best to simply call me —- 516 - 485 - 193five —- Craig…..


P.S. : They are *** N.O.S *** U.S.A.made *** !!!!

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3 hours ago, NailheadBob said:

@Ben Bruce aka First Born  Maybe Ben may see this topic and possibly have  a solution on a "50 Buick issue




 Thank you, Bob!!!


    Really, I would follow the wiring , from start to finish, with a volt meter.  Changing to 12V should make no difference.  I probably could find the problem if I was there.  As  a Supervisor from the 1960's  would say ," this ain't no Ouija board, guys" .  Percy Shook, 1964.  



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What exactly is the issue? no light at all or just no flash.  Get your test light and see that there is power to the flasher when the turn is selected.  If yes, apply power to the other connections and see what lights - or doesn't. 

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