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1923 1924 1925 Buick Fisher Body parts books

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First time I have seen parts books for Fisher Body closed cars.  Somebody should get these and make digital copies to share with other owners.  

These are not mine, contact the seller through craigslist. 






Rare Vintage 1924 Buick The Factory Behind The Car Book & 3 More 1923, 1924, & 1925 Closed Body parts price list (no reprints) all in excellent condition. Very nice collection. $200.00








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On 1/21/2024 at 5:18 PM, Hubert_25-25 said:

The regular parts books do not carry this level of detail.  I have also not seen fisher body books this old.  Very rare.   

I had heard there is one floating around for the cadillac's and were offered up for sale at a very steep price


I don't know if the AACA library has them 


The ad's dissappeared now so I'm hoping one us got them and its not about to reappear on ebay for $1000

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