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1948 Dodge Sedan D-24 - $15,000

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If only the paint was "Normal"     (more pics in ad) 


Ruby" - This is a rare find in this great condition. This 1948 beauty has restored exterior and interior. Original flathead six engine.
Much work has been done including:
1.) rebuilt carburetor,
2.) rebuilt speedometer,
3.) rebuilt clutch,
4.) rebuilt radiator,
5.) rebuilt ignition system,
6.) rebuilt fuel system,
7.) new wiring harnesses front of firewall,
8.) rebuilt emergency brake,
9.) repacked brake system,
10.) new tires, &
11.) new battery.
This is three-on-the-tree manual transmission with "Fluid Drive." Includes the optional blinker. Whopping 10 MPG. Custom flat black and copper/root beer two-tone paint job with pin striping. Suicide doors and butterfly hood. You will not see another one like this.  (415) 254-8437


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Easy low rider project. Just add:

Fender skirts

Headlight eyebrows

More fog lights 

A Necker knob

Curb feelers 

Radio antennas

Grille guard

Back-up lights

13", 100 spoke chrome wheels

Wider white walls

And hydraulics (even though it looks lowered already)

Panel painting on the doors, optional



Let's not make suggestions as to how to "improve" that interior



Otherwise, paint it beige and give it to your grandmother.

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The seller was being creative with the 2 tone paint job.  Unfortunately the colors he chose does not work well with each other.  There was an early 50's Pontiac I think was posted here a few months back painted in a root beer color and it was stunning. That root beer color might go well on this car in place of the gray metallic!  In my book this car will not be a collectors dream and trying to keep original is not a must.  Therefore have some fun with paint colors.  I have seen some old cars with fantastic non-original paint. I think a year or two back the was a Dodge posted and it a BMW's brilliant blue metallic paint, that little old 4 door Dodge came alive!

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