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1964 Buick Electra motor - $1,500 (Wilmington)

Gene Brink

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Also posted in For Sale but as there is more activity in this forum am also posting here.


Not mine but saw when searching Craigslist. Unless color in pictures is way off it isn't Buick green and as the entire engine is painted (not recently based on appearance) it may have been rebuilt (?). OBO so may be able to get at a good price. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/pts/d/wilmington-1964-buick-electra-motor/7707039926.html

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3 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:

Sometimes you just get the feeling everything a person does it meticulous.


Sometimes you don't.

Ha! You read my mind, Bernie. I was thinking someone had turned their 12-year-old kid loose on this nailhead with a spray can of paint. John

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