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1932 Franklin club sedan, not mine.

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The club sedan looks better restored and with the proper trunk than the subject project car but, still, to me


it's a rather awkward design.

Why would a buyer opt for the Club over the longer bodied (and better proportioned) Airman sedan?


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Agree the standard 6 window sedan is better looking but having a lockable exterior trunk is a nice feature vs. needless yards of rear seat legroom.  In reality I would buy either.   The condition and specifics of the car, including price and location, are more important than which sedan body configuration to me.

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The photo of the restored club sedan shows a car with a later trunk fitted, was not what the factory fitted to the car, could have been added when new to the order of the original owner.

To get back to the unrestored car originally posted. Cost just to replate will go near 20k, upholstery 15k or more, add cost of tires and structural woodwork alone ......

I restored a Derham bodied victoria brougham of that same era. the time it took to replace the main sills, entire cowl, both door posts etc. Neat car, great once done and a real pleasure to drive all day long.  the car shown is a major project.


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