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1922 Studebaker Not Mine

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Could be good, but probably not at the $12K asking. "Does run" does not go with "Hasn't been started in a few years"


1922 Studebaker 4 door sedan. Neat old car. It does run but hasn’t been started for a few years. It complete as far as I can tell. $12,000 obo please call Rob at 801-645-6479 thanks



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1 hour ago, peezduk said:


The seller was originally asking $18000, I sent him a link to this same car and he dropped his asking price to $12000.  I thinks it's probably worth about $5 grand tops.

I would agree with your assessment.

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The really scary part of this, is there’s a whole bunch of cars headed for this price range. Like 50% of the market in 10 years. It looks like a nice car and a great way for a young guy to get into the hobby. There is a bright side of this…. I think we’re gonna see a lot of new young people getting interested in the hobby when your tip in price is less than a lawnmower how can you go wrong?

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