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1936 Dodge humpback panel, not mine.

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That can be an ambitious project looking at the pictures.  Certainly requires lots of body work and parts locating to keep it stock.  At one time fiberglass fenders were available, not sure if they still are.

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2 hours ago, TerryB said:

Another famous Dodge panel


I'm setting here looking at a cast replica of that panel. My first old vehicle was a 36 Humpback Dodge delivery. Put a lot of good miles on it and is the only car that I regret selling. I paid $350.00 for it in 1969. I did have the original wheels and and Ram hood ornament. Other than a little piston slap it was in very good shape with no rust anywhere. 


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Dad and his buddy had one - either a 1937 or 1938,

and used it for their part-time Radio and TV Repair business.

I moved it a couple of times, but was too young to have a license.

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