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79 eldorado biarritz - $1,850 -- Price Increased to $2,200 (Spokane WA)

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I guess it wouldn't sell at $1,800, so raise the price!  No other changes in CL ad.

New link with new price:




This is a mechanical project - read full ad


Eldorado biarritz edition, first year 79 of the downsized model, and only year of the 5.7 350
• Runs fairly well when warm
• Clean title/collectors plates.
• Original good condition, it's unrestored 1979 model so expect some wear and tear.

350 Oldsmobile 5.7 L four barrel Rochester carb, Not the unreliable 4.1 engine all other years had
• New plugs and wires
• New distributor.
• 56,000 miles original,

email - f9899b5c1ade392eaafc9ae5b8495b67@sale.craigslist.org














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Just throwing this out. I had a '71 Riviera that started being hard to keep running after a cold start. It was okay after it heated up. The choke was working okay. There was a vacuum valve on the air cleaner snorkle that controlled the hot air that came up off of the exhaust manifold. The valve would open this when cold, but shut it off once warmed up. I had to replace this little vacuum module. After that it was fine. It could be something as simple as that. This looks like a great buy, esp. with the Olds engine. I wanted one of these for years.  But I'm happy with my Riv.

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  • Reynard changed the title to 79 eldorado biarritz - $1,850 -- Price Increased to $2,200 (Spokane WA)

May sound odd but when I search cars, I put a $2k lower limit on my search just to keep the "crusher ready" stuff from cluttering my search.  Maybe it'll work in this seller's favor.

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Hello everybody, I had randomly came across this forum doing some research about my eldorado, I actually own the car that is posted, I received this this car in a trade, initially just my plan was just too quick sell it however I have fallen in love with this car very unique , I did raise the price once on it because it's very hard when you sell older cars like this!, people have very high expectations, and and put these cars in the same category as the late '80s to mid-90s versions of these cars that are worth much less what the expectation of driving it till it breaks down or smashing it up in a demolition derby, To answer any questions yes there is some rust on the driver side B pillar, however the passenger  side appears to be just fine, this eldorado will be detailed and some mechanical work done on it and I'm going to put it away and storage. So that I can have a nice spring and summer cruise around car, I don't have a whole lot of history on this car, sadly this car has seen some deferred maintenance over many years, 


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