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1939 Packard 1705 Limo $14,500 (Not Mine)

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No motor or trans I do not have it you would have to look for one or do a motor swap to something else I don’t have motor or trans 1939 Packard Seventeenth Series Super Eight 1705 1270 Touring Limousine No motor or trans I don’t have it was going to LS it Very solid car always been garaged kept Very rare Clean title in my name











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This seller’s name looked familiar to me so I checked his other ads. He’s pretty prolific and I have looked at a few of his ads previously. I wonder if he pulled and sold the engine or if he bought the car this way. Of course none of that really matters. This looks like it was a pretty nice car and someone almost permanently ruined it. Thankfully they stopped. Hopefully someone puts a correct engine and trans back in it, although at the asking price that seems unlikely.


One thing that might matter is the seller’s feedback. Many one star ratings.

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All is not lost; the alternatives are to fit it with the follow-up engine: the monobloc nine-main-bearing 356 ci straight eight which was introduced for 1940, produced through the 1950 Custom Eight.  Factory authentic? No, but Packard issued Service Bulletins for replacement service engines as this last iteration of the multi-piece block 320 ci had some functional durability issues.  The Service Bulletins also detail how the Packard dealers could fit these 1939 Super Eights with a postwar monobloc 327 ci which entered production for 1948, ended with the 1954 model.  No one need fit this car with anything other than a Packard engine to return it to the road.  

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3 hours ago, Leif in Calif said:

Lots of expensive packaging and  freight between those engines and this car in Manahawkin, NJ.

It would be fun if it could be funded, to have that car shipped. With multiple people shipping it, to a location of a drivetrain for sale. Film the installation of the drivetrain, with local shops fixing wiring, exhaust and driveline issues. And someone driving it back across county, while filming the return adventure. Road kill on the restoration side.

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