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Brass Car Model Kits

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Thought I would share a few of my models. I've got about 10 stored away for when I get some free time. Right now, I have a few 1:1 scale Franklins to work on.


Thankfully, I purchased these years ago. I'm stunned by the prices of new kits.


  1. My favorites are the Pyro brass car kits. Small but very nice when assembled. I'd like to buy more kits but they're rather expensive today. Any leads would be appreciated. 
  2. The Lindberg Line kits are my least favorite. They seem to be the bottom feeders of the model car kit market. They have some antique/classic kits but lack details.
  3. My favorite kit is the Mercer Raceabout. Aurora seems to have the best model. This one has very nice details and looks great when properly assembled. Does anyone know of a Mercer kit in a larger size? I'd love to get one in 1/12 scale.
  4. Never could afford the Hubley metal kits. Do they have enough detail?





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It looks like the Pyro market is correcting. Previously, Pyro kits have been around the $40 level, which I just refused to pay. Now, they are hovering near $20, which is more reasonable. 


I just picked up the following Duesenberg SSJ at that price.


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