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'89 Reatta Door Panel Removal

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Give this a try;

1. Remove the little covers from the door pull strap and then remove the two bolts retaining the pull strap(socket wrench and I don't remember what size socket, maybe 12mm I think), then pull the strap with the plastic fittings and bolts out of the door.

2. Remove the screw from the backplate (black) behind the door release handle and remove the backplate. Takes a little twisting and maneuvering over the handle.

3. With the door handle backplate removed you will see the screw that retains the automatic door lock switch housing, remove that screw and pull the housing out and let it hang for now.

4. Remove the seat power control switch housing from the door arm rest, on one end of the housing under the lip there is a metal tension bar that clips and holds the housing in the door panel. Take a flat tip screwdriver and press this clip in towards the switch housing and lift the housing up out of the door panel, let it hang there for now also.

5. There are four tabs that hold the actual seat power switch to the housing, two on each side. Carefully pry the housing over these tabs and remove the housing from the power switch. This will make it much easier to push the power switch back through the opening in the door panel when you remove the panel from the door.

6. The door panel is held in place by good ole GM plastic push fasteners, they are located around the circumfrance of the panel itself. Just use something flat and not sharp, so as not to scratch the paint,like a screwdriver and pry around the edge of the panel, kinda like popping the plastic lid of a can, go all around the door panel equally except for the top.

7. Once you have popped the panel loose from the door, the top of the panel will still be attached at across the top under the metal lip, support the panel and carefully work the panel out from under this metal lip.

8. Now back to the door lock switch and the power seat switch. Push each of these back through the door panel.

9. Next before you pull the panel completely away from the door there is an optic fiber and an electrical connector attached to the door light (red/white) on the bottom of the door panel at the rear. Disconnect both of these connections.

Your panel now can be pulled away from the door. Good luck, it's not that difficult really and now you have access to the wonderful world of GM door mechanical and electrical maizes. Hope this helps, I'm asuming you do not have a Factory Service Manual (FSM) for your year Reatta. It's a good and invaluable investment if you plan working on most things yourself on the car. Get the Final Edition, its printed right on the face of the manual, and use the search on this page to find out sources of where you can find the manual.


89 Red/Tan one owner, Me! <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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Only difference I'm aware of between an '88 and an '89 Door Panel is there's only the one switch assembly on the armrest. Do you have a Service manual, best review the steps of R & R on a PW Motor. It's a nasty project, I've looked and I don't think I'd attempt it unless I was going to rebuild the entire door and dismantle everything. I'd gladly pay a Body Shop who do this sort of work every day. My 2 Cents.

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