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Is the voltage meter real?


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Well, my Reatta has gone through 2 batteries and 2 alternators since I've owned her. The volt meter on the dash never seems to move, it's always right in the middle, where it should be. Even at idle, when the headlights slightly dim, it stays in the same spot. 

Is it a real gauge?

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Maybe that is a clue.................you did not say how long you have owned it or what year you have. 

There was a issue in 1988 the alternator did not have enough airflow and they added more hole in the case.

The alternator charges the battery and may not be doing its job.   If you got a alternator that had a warranty, 

then the second one from the same company may not be any better than the first one.  

I would not blame the Reatta

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The standard circular bar type meter is not terribly refined, so anything close to normal is in the middle. To know what the ECM thinks the actual battery voltage is, just access diagnostics ED10, or, BCM BD50. You can also read alternator field strength percentage at BD51. Can also stick a voltmeter in the lighter socket if the displays are suspect.

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