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What are the correct style hose clamps on Mopar's from 1929 - 1955

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I have been doing some research and i own a 1939 Desoto. I have copies of the 1929-39 DeSoto and also Plymouth master parts manuals.

I was looking at the section that has a listing of Hose clamps in section or group 18-L.  Much to my surprise the factory manual lists 21 sizes and the type or style and the factory part number.

Only one is listed as being wire style all the rest are listed a flat style.  The wire style being 1 3/8 inch ID and according to it part number was used only on the by-Pass rubber hose from the water pump assembly.


All the others are listed as flat hose clamps.  Since I know the flathead six engine was used up into the mid 1950's I am also summing that these same flat hose clamps would have been used.

All other pictures that i can find in MoPar service manuals show the two wire hose clamps being used.


So the real question is did our MoPar cars and trucks use the flat style hose clamps, anyone have pictures or any examples of the proper flat style clamps.  I am trying to put together a power point presentation on the proper style clamps for a seminar.

If you have any information please contact Rich Hartung at Desoto1939@aol.com

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I found an illustration in the 1936-42 DeSoto Parts List.  Part # 870469.  I also find this part number listed through 1947 in a 1947 parts list.  It looks like a band style clamp that is cut to the length needed.  A similar style clamp was used on the Mercedes 190SL.  That clamp system came with a long roll of the clamp band that was cut to size and then fed through the clamp end and rolled tight. 

2024-01-04 12.17.35.jpg

Mercedes 190SL Hose Clamps.jpg

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