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1988 Factory High performance?

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Would have loved to see a Reatta rear wheel drive turbo V6 in production.  My guess is that GM would have sold quite a few.

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I thought it was VERY interesting that they quoted the 88 full sized Wagon as 2 seconds faster in 0-60mph,  than that Reatta? It is too bad ( and very sad) that the Buick brand always made such tempting concepts and then watered down the units for the marketplace.  

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At a muscle car challenge drag race back the GNX Regals were new, there was a GNX with a bumper sticker "I Brake for Corvettes" on it.  I laughed, but knew it would be the other way around on a road course.



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Took a couple of teenage gearhead friends with me to a test and tune at the dragstrip many years ago. These boys were eat up with Chevelles and Camaros and were getting off on the quick Chevrolets there that night.


About an hour into the show a gang of Turbo Buicks showed up and started beating up on everything. A 1970 Chevelle lined up against one of them and one of the boys hooted "man this is gonna be a bloodletting!"


The Regal spooled up and the stutterbox kicked in. When the tree went green the Buick launched like a gunshot and stayed two car lengths ahead of the Chevelle the whole 1/8 mile.


"Ah, that was a fluke. Just lucky!"


After the third one annihilated its competition one of the boys turned to me with a completely stunned look and said "they all do it. What's the deal with those things? They sound like a hair dryer!"


Told 'em if they encountered one at a stoplight to be quiet and give it plenty of room... 😏


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