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Pulled the head on my 27 today


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I am finally getting back to work on the 27 Buick Roadmaster. I have very low compression all cylinders.  A earlier scope found seeds in one so I knew there had been visitors. Anyway- pulled the head and found no cylinder had 2 good looking valves- one reason for the compression readings I had. My questions:


1) valve springs as shown on the tray are oriented exactly how they came off the head- some had the tighter coils of the springs up- some were down - in no particular order -not all intake were one way or exhaust one way just willy-nilly. What is the correct orientation?


2) What is the tolerance of the valve stems / valve guides? They all feel relatively tight with the exception of 1- but even that one could be borderline acceptable. 

I can grind seats and lap valves myself but if the valve guides are out of spec I’d just as soon take the head to a machine shop. 

I bought the car as a non runner and have begun the process of bringing this up to snuff mechanically. Been a bit since I’ve had the time to work on it- Thanks for any help/advice/suggestions- much appreciated. 

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One other note. A few of the washers were found to be broken in 2-3 pieces. I’d never saw that before- it was kind of odd… you might be able to see them in the photo of the overall parts but here are a couple of them 



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