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1934/35 PLYO Internals?


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So I believe I have the Years nailed down to a 1934/35 Plymouth but I have heard the internals to this housing are a bit different. I was told it contains some sort of spring that helps hold the lens to the housing. Does that make sense? Would anyone have a picture of said mechanism or maybe a completed housing? PXL_20231221_140736727.jpg.ad7327edafc0953a34af86ed6a9935f8.jpgPXL_20231221_140645851_MP.jpg.6b618b6e8634790f770435f96ddf7b9f.jpgPXL_20231221_140630435_MP.jpg.6495fbdbf036a236813ba572cf1cbccd.jpgPXL_20231221_140829383_MP.jpg.1c2df1e698d50368ca13d000641f0d06.jpg

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Light is a 34 Plymouth.  The 35 has a trim ring around the lens and is different.  Yes, there are springs inside the light body to hold the lens in place without a bezel.  The glass lens is just slightly oval and is inserted top edge first and then slid into place, held in place by a ridge on the edge of the lens and by the internal springs on the body. Yours is a driver's side with the lens for the license plate light.  Photos below are of the less common (it was an accessory) passenger side light without the license plate light, but the lens and the internal springs are the same both sides.



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Wow, not at all what I had pictured in my head. I can imagine finding those internals is going to be a real tough hunt. Im sure most have rusted away over the years leaving just the housings? 


Thank you Scott 🤙

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