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Movie Car: Need Help IDing these Lights


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Hi! We are currently restoring a vehicle used in a film amd since it was custom built many of the parts were pulled from other places. We're having difficulty identifying the headlamps. Any Help?


They're approx 8" lamps with flat backs.



Razorfly Studios Restoration Team









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8 minutes ago, RazorflyStudios said:

Hello all! We're aware of the vehicle. We own it and are currently restoring it!


We need help identifying the Headlights.


Sorry for any confusion in our post





That's just the usual thread drift when something different shows up.  If you can take some more pictures focusing on just the lights that you want identified without all the other distractions in the background you might get more information.  There's a lot going on in the pictures so it is difficult to see the details that would aid in the ID.

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There are 3 - 4 types of headlights. Closely inspect to look for manufacturer's text or mark.

Such marks are often etched at the top of main body, or rim, & sometimes embossed on the lens face.   Absent any such detail,

sharper photos of specific light & measurements might help. 


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Thanks for that additional information - makes complete sense now.  I keep thinking that if they aren't aftermarket that they are heavy truck (something like a Peterbilt) or military surplus from a deuce and a half or likes but still can't find a match.  Just a couple of thoughts if you haven't already expanded your search that far.  Since that was built prior to buying online being a thing see if you can get your hands on a JC Whitney catalog or truck accessory catalog of the same era of the build and you might find them.

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The headlights are KD-910, made by the KD Lamp Company.  As far as I know they were used only as a replacement (not factory usage) to update early vehicles to sealed beam as well as on construction equipment, large trucks, etc..  These lights came in a couple of versions which all used only the KD-910 designation - i.e. no model  designations.  There were the flatbacks (as those you have on top) and the rounded back ones, which are what you appear to have hanging down from the top bar - based on the way the headlight bezels are attached.  These lights were also available with factory marker lights on top similar to those used by Guide, BLC and Corcoran Brown.  I likely have some pictures of the KD lamps - will check.  Not plentiful but they do show up occasionally on places like eBay and the HAMB.  Sorry can't help with the small lights in you pictures.  Good Luck.     

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