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For Sale: 1976 AMC Gremlin. "Last minute gift ideas: what to get that person that has everything?" $6,800 - Manassas, VA - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1976 AMC Gremlin. "Last minute gift ideas: what to get that person that has everything?"  $6,800 - Manassas, VA

1976 amc gremlin for sale by owner - Manassas, VA - craigslist
Seller's Description:

1976 AMC Gremlin.  Last minute gift ideas: what to get that person that has everything?  It had been repainted once many years ago in its original color.  Front seats were also redone to match original pattern. It has the 258 6-cylinder, automatic transmission, power steering, and front disk brakes.  Runs great.  I believe it has around 40k original miles.  It is not perfect, but very good condition for the age of the car. If interested, please send me your phone number. Happy Holidays!
Contact: No phone listed
Copy and paste in your email: 5c91030a508337eebb0263f353e1ba89@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1976 AMC Gremlin.

'76 AMC Gremlin VA a.jpg

'76 AMC Gremlin VA b.jpg

'76 AMC Gremlin VA c.jpg

'76 AMC Gremlin VA d.jpg

'76 AMC Gremlin VA e.jpg

'76 AMC Gremlin VA f.jpg

'76 AMC Gremlin VA g.jpg

'76 AMC Gremlin VA h.jpg

'76 AMC Gremlin VA i.jpg

'76 AMC Gremlin VA j.jpg

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A boy in my community college auto tech class had a purple 72 Gremlin X with a mildly built 401 in it. One of his absolute favorite things to do was beat up on 396 Camaros and Novas. That little purple terror was deadly on the streets and the drag strip. His dad was service manager at the AMC dealership.


Sure, a Gremlin looks funky and weird, but they were a car of their times. They didn't look that much more bizarre than their Vega/Pinto counterparts and with the standard 258 six, had a heap more power and reliability.

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I had very little appreciation for AMC products when younger. Now I’m beginning to realize I missed out on something fun and reliable. Whether they liked it or not AMC had a negative appeal factor with youth that they were never able to completely erase.

”Old people’s cars!” 
At least it didn’t carry over to Jeep.

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Another plain brown wrapper. 
I looked and test drove a new '73 Gremlin- 304, three speed on the floor, Levi interior, blue paint. Hardly any options except these- Monroney was around $2,500.

Bought a new VW Super Beetle for a couple of hundred less.

I should have bought that Gremlin! Looking back, it was optioned perfectly!

What stopped me was the V8; this was after the first gas shortage and I wanted economy.

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I had a high school summer job at an AMC dealership preparing the new cars for delivery. I washed a LOT of Gremlins that summer. Interesting little cars. Definitely an acquired aesthetic taste. They sold a lot of the base models so I learned to drive stick shift moving them around the lot. Also, as base models they didn't have power steering so had significantly increased arm strength by the end of the summer. 



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On 12/25/2023 at 1:41 AM, Crusty Trucker said:

If this '76 Gremlin had the build quality and reliability if it's cousins, the late '60's AMXs, it would have been in the junk yard by 1980.

Ask me how I know.



I had no love at all for AMC when they were new, not even the amx, THIS is one I would love to have now! 



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