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Cars of Christmas future? 25


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It looks like forum maintenance may interrupt my days so I will post this last one tonight. I want to thank everyone who has commented and followed along- hopefully it was at least mildly entertaining. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. I titled this last one as future because it is currently our project in progress. Several years ago at a Museum event I was driving a friend’s 49 Crosley Sedan Delivery, a fellow approached me and said he had another Crosley that was going to be crushed in a farm cleanup later that month. So we rescued this  week later. 1947 Crosley Roundside pickup. It hasn’t had an easy life, at some point someone had hacked a Dodge colt engine in it, many parts were missing, but it was too cute not to rescue. I am in need of lots of parts- but dad has started body work on it this winter. 







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