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1925 John N Willys photo

John Duresky

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Attached are two photos I bought.    First is from 1925, a photo seen in newspapers then along with other automobile magnates and their first automobiles.   I believe this is the only photo in existence showing John N Willys in his first Overland car.    Can anyone identify the  exact model of this car?    I am fairly certain it was taken in front of the Willys Overland headquarters.   Second is just a panel delivery truck from a 1946 advertisement which happens to be the exact same model now highlighted in the center of a Jeep ad on their website.    

1925 12 16 John N Willys in first Overland WIREPHOTO front of Toledo HQ building.jpg

1925 12 30 MUNSTER IN TIMES John N Willys in first Overland.jpg

1946 5 18 Willys Overland ad release for Jeep utility vehicle WIREPHOTO.jpg

2023 Jeep History page Willys Overland utility vehicle back center.jpg

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Here's a few early Overland's - 1903 and 1904

Production numbers: 1903 Model 13 - 11 cars, 1904 Model 15 - 23 cars, 1905 Models 15,16,17,18 - total 36 cars, 1906 Model 18, 19, 20 - 12 cars

1903 Overland1903OVerlandRunabout.jpg.5646253968e75b6aca86ad63ece073c1.jpg1904Overland.jpg.2eda37e5f1f8420e47c2f33f1a501db8.jpg

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