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Rear End ID


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I’m getting to the last big piece of my Buick puzzle in figuring out what the previous owner modified.  Now for the rear end.  He eliminated the torque tube and I’m trying to figure out what rear end he put in.  It does not look to me that he modified the stock 1955 Century rear end.  The closest thing I’ve found is 63-65 Buick 9 3/8” but none of the pictures I’ve found are exact match.  Also the date code doesn’t match those years.  


The date code on the center section is C309 which is stamped on the driver side.  This makes me believe it’s from a 1969 vehicle.


The passenger side is stamped with 519281 and a large 6 underneath. 

I did not find any numbers or letter on the axle tubes or anywhere else on the rear end. 

I attached some photos if anyone can identify this thing.





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53 minutes ago, JohnD1956 said:

The strut arms look like a Chevy C 10 pickup truck setup

Yes i do believe they are truck arms used to eliminate the torque tube.  The tear end is what i can’t figure out.  

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Yes on the date.  The more I keep digging it seems to be 50’s.  The date code could be C308, 1958.  

It could be an olds/pon but the literature I have found shows the casting numbers were in different locations.


I have not found anything Buick specific.  I’m trying to get some info from JD Race once my profile is approved on their forum.  

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This crop shows what appears to be a track bar mount on the left, driver's side, of the rearend. I would start a search on front load rear ends from coil spring vehicles with a track bar mounted to the passenger side on the frame. Buicks like my '64 Riviera mount on the passenger side of the frame. So hunting down that suspension is going to be a key to help.



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