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For Sale: 1940 Buick Super 4dr Touring Sedan, 65K miles - $11,500 - West Paris, ME - Not Mine

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 For Sale: 1940 Buick Super 4dr Touring Sedan, 65K miles - $11,500 - West Paris, ME

1940 Buick Super Model 51 for sale by owner - West Paris, ME - craigslist
Seller's Description:

This is a 1940 Buick Super, Model 51, 4 door touring sedan. This was the first year for this body style without running boards and was shared only with the 1940 Buick Roadmaster. It has a 248 cubic inch straight eight engine, 3 speed manual transmission on the column, and factory turn signals, with about 65,730 original miles. It has Firestone 670-15 wide whitewall bias tires. All gauges work along with windshield wipers (vacuum), clock, under seat heater (great heat), defroster, headlights, including additional Buick lights, brake lights, and turn signals. The car starts and runs very good. It is in mostly original condition, except for a 1981 re-paint, two tone grey and ivory top, which is in mostly decent condition except for some areas of the trunk, as can be seen in the pictures. It recently had a professional complete brake job, including new master cylinder, new front brake hoses, 4 new wheel cylinders, brake hardware, and new brake shoes. The water pump has also recently been replaced. Some spare parts are also available.  Included is an owner's manual, shop manual, and an original 1940 AEA 8x11 card with tune-up and vehicle specifications. odometer: 65730
Car is garaged in West Paris, Maine. I have been the custodian of this car for over 20 years but now it is time for someone new to love this car as much as I have. Asking $11,500.
Contact: (207) six-7-4-3-two-5-8
Copy and paste in your email: ea1dc4db5b5c36ddbdb7d5aba25e279e@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1940 Buick Super 4dr Touring Sedan.

'40 Buick Super ME a.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME b.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME c.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME d.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME e.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME f.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME g.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME h.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME i.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME j.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME k.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME l.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME m.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME n.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME o.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME p.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME q.jpg

'40 Buick Super ME r.jpg

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Nice looking car at a reasonable price and there is the opportunity to make it just a little bite nicer. A car that you can drive and enjoy while tinkering with it. GLWTS

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It’s in a town well known for one of the world’s best restoration shops………I’m certain I have friends familiar with the car. Basically a free pre war ride in decent condition. How can you go wrong?

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I just noticed that this car has been altered a little where the rear fenders attach to the body. There is no welting there and where the welting should be, this has been filled in. Buyer should look underneath this car and in the trunk to see how this was done. All filler?????

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