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1937 transmission seal

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If you pull the old one out, it probably has a manufacturer's name and number stamped on it.  I have lots of PDF's of old seal catalogs so we can probably find a match or crossover number.  Otherwise, we can find one using seal OD, shaft OD, and thickness.  I show the Studebaker part number as 176325, but can't find a cross-reference.


However, Stephen Allen's shows one in stock.  See http://mystudebaker.com/transmission/planetary-units-freewheeling-units/


Also see studebakerparts.com.  They show seal GRS018 as substitute for 176325.  Also show a Speedi-Sleeve repair kit if your output shaft is worn.  https://www.studebakerparts.com/studebakerparts/store/s/agora.cgi?product=seals05


A more modern Studebaker number is 1541097 which many Studebaker vendors should carry.  This crosses to National 50684 and 40684 plus a hundred other crosses on yoyoparts.com.

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