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Even More 1927-1928 Chrysler Model 72 Parts For Sale

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4 Wood Spoke Wheels, 2 front, 2 rear, the wooded spokes a bad but the brake drums, wheels and hubs are good.  $100.00 each.  FRONT Spoke Wheels have been sold.

3 Tire Rims, $100.00 each.  These parts are heavy so local pickup is preferred.  Will consider shipping for packing and freight costs.

1928 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster windshield frame. $100.00

1928 Chrysler Model 72 Sedan fenders, very nice pair $400.00.  If you are working on a roadster or coupe finding fenders will be an impossibility, I know because I've been there.  A good metal man could alter these to fit a roadster or coupe.  

Shipping the most reasonable way is extra.  Reasonable offers will be considered.





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Greetings from Seattle I just purchased a 1928 Chrysler model 52 coupe I need a rear wheel with rim don't know much about him I knew it this my name is Mike if you could give me a call in Seattle 206-914-8695

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Hello Paintman,


I seriously doubt much of anything mechanical from a model 72 will fit a model 52. The 52 was a continuation/hold over from the early days of Chrysler and was more of a Maxwell than a Chrysler. Call Jay Astheimer at 610-462-3631 Eastern time zone Monday. Or Roberts Parts. Body wise some parts from a Buick may fit because at least some of the Chrysler bodies before 1929 were made by Fisher. Try the smaller 30 series of Buick, or possibly '28 Oakland, Pontiac, or Chevrolet closed body cars. 


I had a full set of wood wheels made out of hickory by a fellow in Vancouver. A lot depends on that wood so I wanted new wheels. Other than a lot of sanding it was not too bad.


Like I said in another thread I had a steep learning curve with our '28 model 72 Golf Club Coupe. We sold it and a high end model 72 Town Sedan parts car with lockable dual side mount spare rims to a fellow in Vancouver WA. This photo is from the day we won "best vintage dressed" at an event on Officers Row at Vancouver Barracks National Monument in Vancouver WA. 

RAE & I with '28 Chrysler.jpg

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