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Picture issues after new phone

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New phone last week

Uploading pictures from my phone or tablet they upload but it’s just a black screen in the picture
When using my desktop everything works fine. Not sure if this is a settings issue or an apple issue 

Mac desktop and Apple phone and tablet, everything worked fine until the new phone was installed.
Thanks for any help 



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On 10/14/2023 at 3:39 PM, Fordy said:

I think you need to resize the images to post them. I had the same problem a few weeks back and once each image was under 2Mb they displayed fine.


I'm not sure I totally agree with Fordy. I just posted images that were more than 2Mb and they showed up fine. Though he could be onto something. Pictures should not exceed 9.77 Mb in aggregate. How many are you sending at once? I, too, have all three Apple devices and have not experienced that issue. I do find it odd that just because you got a new iPhone your iPad started acting up. What iOS are you running? I'm using 16.7.2. I have not upgraded to iOS 17 yet (you know, take out old bugs, put in new) so maybe it's an issue with that, though I doubt it. I'm not sure I can give you an answer but I let me see what I can figure out.


UPDATE: I just tried to post large images from my phone and iPad (but did not submit). The forum accepted a 3 Mb picture but not a 6 Mb (it displays a message that the image is too large). However the smaller image showed up as the picture not a black screen. Sorry, but at this point I don't know what to tell you.

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It's possible the problem with uploading large photos isn't just because of photo size, but because of the time it takes to upload them. There is a limit set by servers on how much time can be taken to upload photos.  The time it takes to upload a photo is determined by photo size, your internet provider's upload speed (which is usually much slower than download speeds) , and the connection speed between your internet provider and the server hosting the forum.


To get better quality photos, newer phones take much larger photos than older phones. But internet upload speeds on phones through phone service providers hasn't improved a lot. Upload speed on phones is much slower than upload  speeds on home computers. A workaround for this is to connect your  phone to your computer with a cable and copy the photos to your computers hard drive. Then upload the photo. That is what I did below.


The problem with uploading large photos isn't a forum problem. For example: I have a very fast internet connection on my computer and I uploaded all the photos below all at the same time, a total of over 20mb, in less than 5 seconds.  They are the largest photos I could find on my computer. The largest one is 6.4mb.


Blackberry Smoke 10-7-23 (1).jpg

Blackberry Smoke 10-7-23 (2).jpg

Blackberry Smoke 10-7-23 (3).jpg

Blackberry Smoke 10-7-23 (4).jpg





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