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For Sale: 1967 Imperial Convertible - Project - $14,750 - Franconia, NH - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1967 Imperial Convertible - Project - $14,750 - Franconia, NH

1967 Imperial Convertible Chrysler for sale by owner - Sugar Hill, NH - craigslist
Seller's Description:

1967 Imperial Convertible. Made by Chrysler, Imperial was completely new and a stand-alone brand in 1967. This Crown Convertible is one of 577 made in 1967 and this one is a stunner in the rare gold color with gold leather interior featuring black velvet trim.

The cars have a unibody construction, the model name was spelled out across the grille, and there were two full-length ribs protecting the side panels, with a chrome strip in between. Rear fenders were integrated into the bumpers, and the full-width taillights featured an Imperial eagle in the center. The engine was a 350-hp 440-cid V-8 4V. (7.2L) This Imperial is in the rare gold color with gold leather interior featuring black velvet trim.

The gold exterior is original and in fair shape with some surface rust spots on the paint. Some bumper chrome has pitting. The only other rust is behind the passenger side rear wheel (see picture). For a restoration, the car is solid and complete.  This car has the cruise control option (Auto Pilot). Tilt and telescopic wheel.

The car was running when parked 10 years ago - it turns over now but failed to start. The top works great as do all the windows. The driver's seat works, the passenger seat doesn't. AC probably doesn't work. Power antenna doesn't work.

There are great clubs out there to help: https://www.web.imperialclub.info/Yr/1967/index.htm
See www.67Imperial.com for more photos.  Please note that New Hampshire does not issue titles to cars older than 25 years.
Contact: No phone listed
Copy and paste in your email:  999e5dbe68c83212832f5d56b50ee295@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1967 Imperial Convertible - Project.

'67 Imperial Conv NH a.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH b.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH c.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH d.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH e.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH f.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH g.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH h.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH i.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH j.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH k.jpg

'67 Imperial Conv NH l.jpg

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