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1937 Hudson Terraplane Project 99%complete - $2,200

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Kind of depressing to even think about this as a project, but there does seem to be a lot of good parts. "A few trim pieces" could mean anything. The glass is the easy part (I've done it). 


Great project car overall solid! Few rust areas. Car rolls. Only thing missing is glass, “all flat”….and few trim pieces. Get it before gone!
Contact Bill 530 nine five 3 6907

00Y0Y_9aIy3LBMNiR_0tE0CI_600x450.jpg1937 Hudson Terraplane Project 99%complete 100S0S_54A3qrxlXaa_0u10CI_600x450.jpg00q0q_cb7PvdR2tZt_0t20CI_600x450.jpg00Y0Y_6h9uW3QtFd1_0CI0rZ_600x450.jpg01414_iGY5EQUu0FZ_0t20CI_600x450.jpg


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19 minutes ago, Xander Wildeisen said:

Still there.


My secret password must have expired or something...

Still won't come up for me, but thanks for posting. 

My rust collection is more than adequate for now. don't need any more.

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52 minutes ago, Lee H said:

I think they meant “few not-rusted areas”

Surface rust doesn't count unless it goes all the way through. 


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Re the Hudson page utility coupe:
Try this: https://tinyurl.com/3pwca9zc

There was a FAR better 37 T utility coupe for sale for numerous weeks on FB. It was red. Was $12K I believe. Took forever to sell and did when lowered to $10K.

The '37 Terraplane "business car" series starts with VIN # 70..... Meaning model 70.
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