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1936-37 Dodge complete center grill


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Here’s a 36-37 Dodge complete center grill. This grill has never been broke, cracked or had any repairs it’s one solid grill with very nice chrome. This grill comes with the winged emblem and the hard to find crank hole cover. The only blem I didn’t care for that the guy I got it from didn’t mention was someone drilled a small hole top right side, so I filled it and put a small piece of aluminum tape to clean it up. This grill is definitely one clean solid complete and ready to install. So if you’ve been thinking about changing your cracked or broke grill this one will definitely be a nice one to replace yours with. My price is firm at $2200 plus shipping or come pick it up for free. If your in need of one I’m sure you know what these go for. This is a fair price for one in this condition.








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