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CHROME TRUMPETS WITH MUTES - 1934-1935 BUICK (not including horns-just trumpets & mutes

Marty Roth

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Cleaning out my garages and spare parts no longer needed.


An absolutely beautiful and perfect PAIR -Re-Chromed (Possibly NOS?) Chrome Trumpets for external horns on 1934-1935 Buick .

 These were spares for my 50 Series Senior Grand National and were never installed. Overall length is 7-1/2 inches plus another inch for the mutes, totalling 8-1/2 inches.

My guess is that they should be worth in the range of $500 for the pair since redoing the Chrome of your own perfect pair plus the extremely rare Trumpets would cost at least that much at a top quality shop such as Paul’s or Graves.


Of course I am open to a reasonable offer and would like them to be used on another Buick


PS: I will also be listing several other items, some specific to 1934-1935 Buick, others also include other years, models, and makes,:

 - Fuel Pump - Two (2) - Rebuild/Repair Kit (KEM FIX-A-PUMP KIT) Model FPA 115F, (per KEM Page 18) for:

     - Buick - 1934-1935

     - Chrysler - 1932-1938

     - LaSalle - 1934-1936

     - Lincoln - 1933-1939

     - Packard - 1933-1939

- Kingpin Rebuild Kit K20B - 1934-1956 Buick 40, 50, 60, 70 (Riverside 61-4200)

- 1934-1935 Buick Rear Wheel Grease Retainers (Grease Seals) Two (2) - 50 Series






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