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Marty Roth

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Cleaning out my garages and spare parts no longer needed.


I have two (2) rebuilt Dual Action fuel pumps for 1934-1935 Buick 50 Series.

Each pump include the glass bowl used to filter impurities and to separate water in the fuel.

Each pump is also equipped with two separate diaphragms, one to pump the fuel, and the other to enhance vacuum for such items as the 1934-1935 Buick Power Brake system, as well as vacuum windshield wipers so they would be less affected by acceleration - a problem for lesser vehicles whose wipers stopped or slowed dangerously when the driver stepped on the gas, which would otherwise reduce vacuum.

These dual-action fuel pumps likely fit other models, other years, and makes of GM vehicles, but I don't have supporting documentation.


The first comes with a receipt from NAPA, and is shown as a Special Order #7602, dated 6-4-91, and remanufactured from Rayloc, and is the lighter colored  of the two pumps.


The second pump appears to be an AC Rebuild, based on the label on the box, and is the darker colored of the two pumps.


How's $150/each or $250 for the pair, including the two rebuild kits, delivered to Hershey, or to the Glidden in Georgia?

Of course I'm always open to a reasonable offer?


PS: I will also be listing several other items, some specific to 1934-1935 Buick, others also include other years, models, and makes,:

- Re-Chromed(Possibly NOS?) Horn Trumpets - with Mutes for 1934-35 Buick (Trumpets and Mutes Only - Not Horns)

- Fuel Pump - Two (2) - Rebuild/Repair Kit (KEM FIX-A-PUMP KIT) Model FPA 115F, (per KEM Page 18) for:

     - Buick - 1934-1935

     - Chrysler - 1932-1938

     - LaSalle - 1934-1936

     - Lincoln - 1933-1939

     - Packard - 1933-1939

- Kingpin Rebuild Kit K20B - 1934-1956 Buick 40, 50, 60, 70 (Riverside 61-4200)

- 1934-1935 Buick Rear Wheel Grease Retainers (Grease Seals) Two (2) - 50 Series













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