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Factory letters, announcements of the era WWI to 1934 bankruptcy

Walt G

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I will try to share copies of period Franklin letters, information etc issued by the Franklin Company when I have the time to do so, it will be for the period from about WWI to the bankruptcy of the company in 1934. I hope it gives a insight into the inner workings/efforts/etc of the company that has not really been discussed much . Here is a letter to the Franklin ( & Buick) dealer in Catskill ,N. Y . I wish I had an address to see if the building they used is still there. the factory was trying to move/sell 4 or 5 model H ( 6 cylinder) limousines.

they were also a contractor for Artesian Wells, Pumps, tanks, towers and pump engines. AND were a manufacturer of Cider and Cider vinegar.



Franklin 1912 letter model H.jpg

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Steve I am most happy to, I can't recall who had them that I borrowed them from and got copies made but it was many decades ago before we have the level of copy machines we do now. Copies I have are good but ...... They are an amazing window of what it was like at the Franklin company to every day life - this letter alone - excess cars at the higher level of price that need to be cleared. The model H 6 cylinder was not a small car at all. More to come but it will take some time.

I only rediscovered these within the past week , they will get filed with the other Franklin material. I have to much stuff - to many stories to tell if all the resources are combined to present a realistic picture of that era.

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Here is the order form noted, , it says for cars for July 1914. 5 enclosed body styles total - that is a huge offering for that era when everything was a open body style from roadsters to touring cars of assorted capacity.


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