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This will also work on a Buick

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The tire pressure warning was telling me I had a low tire.... so I checked it and it might have been slightly lower than the other tires but 

am planning on drive over 100 miles tomorrow so my final test was this.......... 

The plastic tray/pan is sold at home improvement stores in the area with cement....   there are at least 2 sizes and they are pretty cheap. 

I have a couple and use them for many things,   usually when transplanting plants I just dump the pot contents into the pan and mix in additional 

soil etc.   

Today I did not want to take that 6 lug wheel off the GMC to check for a small leak so here is my solution.    You slide it under the tire from the front so

it is not necessary to jack the tire way up.     Also I would not use soap (I used high foaming car wash)  the foam makes it hard to see small bubbles. 

Just fill with plain water and look for bubbles............. turns out I had none.

tire 1.jpg

tire 2.jpg

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